Best places to eat around Ermones!

Maragkos Grill


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Maragkos Grill is a tradional taverna in the small tradional village Giannades.  There is nothing bad to say about this place.  You sit in the square, amongst the locals with a great view enjoying really good food.  In particular, they have the best chicken souvlaki on Corfu!

Ladokolla Grill

Another great place to eat is in the square of Temploni.  Ladokolla is another grill. Ladokolla mean oil glue.  Weird name right? It is the sheet of paper that you put in the oven.  They used to serve everything on this and that’s where the name comes from. Now, however, they only serve the meat and fries on the “ladokolla”.


All the appetizers are amazing.  Like, the grill mushrooms, spicy cheese dip,  Kolokithokeftedes (courgette balls) and can’t forget the tzatziki!


A very peaceful place in the valley below Giannades. Apomero is a popular place to go on Sundays and is highly reccommended.


Tristrato Cafe/bar

Tristrato in greek means 3 roads.  This is the name because the place is in the intersection to go 3 ways.  It is a great place to sit back and drink a coffee. There is always a slight breeze here so you are never too hot. They also serve lunch with a wide range of options.  The most popular is a meze with different things like some fried meat and seafood. They also have some board games that you can play like backgammon.  It is a very popular place with the locals.

Tristrato is below the village Giannades also.


Ambelonas Corfu/Vineyard & restaurant

A special place indeed is Ambelonas.

Here you can go for a wine tasting or other experienes.  It is also possible to reserve for events, like, weddings, group gatherings and more.

Directions to here!

Spiros Taverna 97

Spiros Taverna 97 is another tradional place in the village of Vatos.  Only a 5 minute drive from My Corfu Scooters. (Basically all these places are about a 5 minnute drive).  You will be eating under grape vines overlooking the valley here at Spiros Taverna.  Greek salads, souvlaki or any grilled meat are a perfect solution.



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